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The Official Penis Sticker

Rock Solid Stickers simply offers the best looking penis stickers on the internet period. All the other penis stickers look weird, cartoony and mostly like shit. We offer quite the variety of penis skin tones so no one feels left out or lonely. If you do not see your skin tone, you might want to visit a doctor.

Penis Type

If you are unsure of your penis type just unzip your pants or someone elses.

Basic Penis

There’s nothing special going on here. Just like any other penis hangingout there in the universe but shout out to you for being an honest.

Hashtag Top

I’m not going to lie to you, most penises DO NOT come with a hashtag. It’s not normal. You may have gotten drunk and got your penis tattooed.

Hashtag Bottom

Okay so you DID NOT get your penis tattooed BUT you got your scrotum tattooed. It’s all good. No comment.

Tan Penis

So you fell asleep while tanning naked. We do it all the time. Thank God you didn’t forget the sunscreen, you could have burnt your penis.

Brown Penis

One of the most exotic penis types and most sought after in the whole universe. Right in the middle of the penis color spectrum.

Black Penis

The other most exotic penis type in the whole universe. Ranked #1 for being the longest out of all the other penis types ever.